Hyperborea (ICST's Immersive Lab version)

André Sier, 2012-2013



Beyond the northern winds region lays Hyperborea, an immersive geometrical land where generative processes carve freely forms adjusted by wind dynamics, structuring a mythological engagable polys.

An immersive game-like experience, where the viewer drives its avatar through the game space, whilst experiencing the spatialized composition of elements scattered across several dificulty levels into reaching Hyperborea.


Hyperborea, wind, generative, virtual, city, abstract, voxels, game, audio-visual environment, simulation, immersion, space, speed.

Hyperborea (ICST's Immersive Lab version)

A special multitouch version of Hyperborea is being finalized for ICST's Immersive Lab. You can read more about the development of this work at ICST here. More information will be added to this page when the work premieres in switzerland.

Hyperborea (images from zurich residences' presentation)

Hyperborea (ICST's Immersive Lab interaction)

Users play the work by placing their hands on screen. The smoothed average position of all users hands interfaces the movements performed in the virtual space.

The interface for all 4 curved surfaces features a circular joystick area where you drive the point of view through the space.

Touching inside the interface circle provides the speed and orientation. From outside the circle area, shifts up/down.

Game logic to complete hyperborea: collecting wind-objects-meshes provides access to portal which jumps you to next level zeroing in on Hyperborea.